St. Thomas Akino School Tour

The students of the St. Thomas Akino School got the chance to visit the harbor of SAIL during the plant tour.

Managing director of SAIL with the students of the Marcel Ria School

The managing director of SAIL Paul Lank took the time to have a great talk with the students of the Marcel Ria school.

Marcel Ria School Tour


SAIL had the privilege to give the students of the elementary school, Marcel Ria school a tour in the company. The students also got the chance to visit the shop of SAIL with Internal Auditor Calista Leming.

Sail to export Fish

SAIL to start exporting fish, additional to shrimp. The French company COGUMER has met with the Managing Director of SAIL on the 23rd of September to come to an agreement.


Suriname continues exporting to the EU

The ‘Seabob’ shrimp will continue to be exported by Suriname American Industries Ltd. (SAIL). Managing director Paul Lank has ensured that the necessary is in place to realize this. Lank states that the EU has granted permission for the continuation of export last tuesday. More information can be found in the local newspaper

Welcome to SAIL!